2 Year Warranty

Quality is our Guarantee

Fujifilm offers customers that purchase any NEW Fujifilm FinePix model the peace of mind that comes with an industry leading 2-year warranty. You can activate this 2-year warranty by registering your product on-line at fujiwarranty.ca

Why offer a 2 Year Warranty

Quality continues to be a #1 qualifying factor in the purchase of digital cameras. With a 2-year warranty, our customers can be assured that Fujifilm stands solidly behind the quality of its digital cameras.

This package includes 2 years of Customer Service support. Our staff of photographic experts is available to assist you with your technical questions concerning Fujifilm digital camera products..

How to Activate

Register your qualifying Fujifilm FinePix digital camera on fujiwarranty.ca to activate the 2-year warranty.

Qualifying Factors

This warranty applies only to NEW FinePix Digital Cameras (S5Pro excluded) purchased after March 1, 2008 that have been imported into Canada by Fujifilm Canada Inc., and sold by Fujifilm Canada Inc to its authorized dealers. This warranty does not apply to Fujifilm branded products purchased outside Canada or Fujifilm branded cameras imported and sold in Canada by unauthorized dealers, distributors or other sellers.