X Series

Fujifilm X-S1

4.5 out of 5 stars
Price $ 699.99
Effective Pixels
Manual Zoom
26x (24-624mm)
LCD Monitor

Fujifilm X-S1 Overview

The latest addition to the Fujifilm X Series, the X-S1 realizes the full potential of its incredible focal length range so you can capture infinite compositions with detail as far and wide as the eye can reach. Optimized for exquisite detail, the Fuji X-S1 combines a FUJINON 26x optical precision zoom lens and large 12MP 2/3-inch EXR-CMOS sensor to create cutting edge high-performance technology. These key devices work together to produce exceptional resolution from the centre to the edge of the image with extremely few aberrations. Built in Japan to exact standards, the Fujifilm X-S1 represents a new breed of long zoom bridge cameras, with a high quality look and feel with metal dials, a rubberized coating and superior handling characteristics that will appeal to the discerning photo enthusiast.

Fujifilm X-S1 Features

2 Year Warranty [Photo] Fujifilm X-S1 - 2 Year Warranty

Exceptional quality and coverage! With an outstanding 2 year warranty you can be assured that we stand behind our cameras.

The Fuji Guys [Photo] Fujifilm X-S1 - The Fuji Guys

Let the Fuji Guys show you all the bells, whistles and features of this camera with their series of YouTube videos.

Fujinon Lens for Excellent Shooting [Photo] Fujifilm X-S1 - Fujinon Lens

Experience the amazingly bright and clear picture across the entire shooting range, from 24mm wide to 26x 624mm zoom with high precision Fujinon lens.

Excellent Sensor and Processor Achieve Quick Response [Photo] Fujifilm X-S1 - Quick Response Sensor & Processor

The perfect combination of a large 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor and EXR Processor assures high resolution and achieves quick response that takes your photos to the next level.

Superb Full HD Movies and High Speed Shooting [Photo] Fujifilm X-S1 - Full HD Movies & High Speed Shooting

Whether you're shooting video or still images, the X-S1 delivers excellent quality and always captures the essential moment with amazing detail and accuracy.

Advanced Electronic Viewfinder & Large 3.0-inch Tilt LCD [Photo] Fujifilm X-S1 - Advanced EVF & Large 3.0-inch Tilt LCD

Bright, wide, high resolution Electronic Viewfinder displays the scene in amazing detail and the multi-angle LCD makes shooting simple, especially when macro shooting.

X-S1 Performance Design [Photo] Fujifilm X-S1 - X-S1 Performance Design

Upholding the X Series standard of premium build and performance, the X-S1 is built in Japan to exacting standards with a high quality look and feel.

Versatile Functions [Photo] Fujifilm X-S1 - Versatile Functions

The X-S1 is much more than a precision instrument for your endless fascination with photography. Advanced functions let you experience the moment with unsurpassed delight.


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