Highly Functional Materials

Fujifilm's highly functional materials make today's flat panel displays look beautiful

Flat panel display makers around the world rely on our high-performance films to create attractive and reliable products.


Supplying the growing market for LCD panels

Leveraging Fujifilm's photo film technologies, we have become a world leader in supplying a variety of high-performance films essential for making liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. LCDs are used in TVs, personal computers, smart phones and many other products. Demand is growing rapidly in emerging nations as well as developing nations. Worldwide, Fujifilm is one of a handful of companies possessing the advanced technology required for manufacturing these films.

For a picture that's easy on the eyes

People want LCD screens that are beautiful and not tiring to watch. Our four high-performance films — WV, FUJITAC, CV and Transer — help achieve these goals. For example, FUJITAC lets light from the backlight pass straight through to the screen to assure a clear and attractive picture. FUJITAC film is one of the few films in the world with this capability. Its share of the market for LCD polarizer protective films is about 80%.

[Diagram] Composition of LCD panel

Composition of LCD panel

Enhancing LCD picture quality

Our WV film widens the viewing angle so you can see the picture from a diagonal position. Fujfilm has an overwhelming share of the WV film market. Our CV film cuts reflections and glare, so the screen can be viewed in brightly lit environments, such as outdoors. By controlling the light and color inside LCD panels, our films are adding quality and performance to LCD products.

Investing to meet growing demand

As use of LCD screens increases, we are boosting our ability to supply the world's demand for our high-performance films. For FUJITAC production, we have built three plants in Japan's southern island of Kyushu and are completing a fourth facility in Kanagawa, near Tokyo. For WV film production we are building a new plant in Shizuoka in central Japan.

Main Products and Services

  • FUJITAC protective films for polarizers
  • WV film for expanding viewing angle
  • Transer film for manufacturing color filters