Meet Fujifilm

Our Passion, Our People

Our people, our passion, our greatest assets. Hear about what it is like to work for Fujifilm from the people who know us best, our employees.

What I like about working for Fujifilm is the great people in the company - everyone is friendly and helpful.

Susanna Wong
Marketing Manager

I love when I can help a coworker and when I can be a resource to somebody. Love the location of my office - not far from home, and also the nice colleagues around me - they bring cookies!

Charlie Xia
Assistant Manager, Marketing Logistics

What I like about Fujifilm: Respect, Team Work, Equal Opportunity. What I like about my job: Friendly Environment, Great Management, Team Work.

Bhupinder Singh
Distribution Centre Supervisor

I like the challenge and the people. The challenge is the motivator. Every day starts with a challenge and ends with a challenge. The people are the reward. Working with people at Fuji and Fuji customers is a pleasure and enjoyable.

Terry Duhart
Service Advisor

I love the challenge of the sale, and winning the deal. I enjoy the teamwork at Fuji, and the technology and evolution of technology within our industry. Best of all I love the relationships and friendships I have made - both within Fuji and at the client level.

Derek Watt
Account Manager, Graphic Systems

Over my years with Fujifilm Canada I have been fortunate to travel to every Capital city in Canada. I was also fortunate to be asked to go to Japan for training on Fujifilm equipment. What a great experience.

I have met some great people over my years at Fujifilm Canada and made some good friends. Best of all, I met my wonderful wife here! Thank you Fuji!

Marcus Kelly
Technical Manager, L3 Support Team

I actually love what I do. Fuji has been my 2nd home for the last 25 years.

Emine Bayraktar
Credit Representative, Corporate Accounts

A true testament about how FUJIFILM is viewed....we're often called upon for general business advice as customers value our opinion versus all of our competition.

I've enjoyed the past 25 years and all the people and friends that have made it a fantastic working environment.

John Mitchell
Sales Manager, Imaging Products

One thing that I really enjoy about my position as receptionist is that each day brings something different. No two days are the same. It also allows me the opportunity to meet and work with so many wonderful people.

Debbie Midgley

I really enjoy the colleagues and customers that I have worked with over the past five years. When I came to Fuji I did not have experience in the photo industry, but with the help and support of my team I have now become a very knowledgeable and confident team member. I have received immense support from Fuji Canada, Fujifilm Tokyo and most recently Fuji USA, but one thing I have seen is no matter what part of Fuji there is a sense of family, all our departments and teams work with one goal in mind and that is for Fuji to continue to be successful.

Bhavesh Patel
L3 Technical Support Representative

Over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some wonderful people and have gained remarkable experience that I will always appreciate. Thank You to Fujifilm Canada Inc. and to all the people who have helped shape the person I am today.

Didem Thorpe
Manager, Accounting Services