Corporate Profile

Corporate Video (Long Version, approx. 8 min.)

The Fujifilm group once faced a rapid reduction of the market demand for our main products, photographic film due to digitization. After overcoming such a drastic change in the operating environment, we regard this current period as our “Second Foundation,” applying its core photographic technologies to a diverse range of business fields.

The contents of the corporate video features explanations of Fujifilm as a company that utilizes leading-edge proprietary technologies to create unprecedented values, and as a leading company that boldly challenges new frontiers. The video also explains how Fujifilm is applying the photographic technologies that it has developed over many years to a diverse range of business fields.

Part.1 Our proprietary technologies and pursuit of high quality (approx. 2min 10sec)

Explanation of Fujifilm's core technologies which have been developed over many years of research into photographic technologies

Part.2 Bold Challenges — Paradigm shift & Globalization (approx. 1min 10sec)

Explanation of Fujifilm taking the lead in the early establishment of digital products and global networks

Part.3 Expanding business fields — Fujifilm products in our everyday life (approx. 3min 40sec)

Explanation of the Fujifilm Group's expansion of B to C and B to B products

Part.4 Fujifilm — challenging new frontiers (approx. 1min)

Features research and development scenes, images of our worldwide staff, and emphasizes our corporate approach of boldly challenging new business operations