Epson Ink Cartridge Recycling Program

"Fujifilm Canada is striving towards implementing green programs which support our sustainable goals when conducting business.

A major part of these efforts are introducing new and exciting programs like the Epson Ink Cartridge Recycling Program which further demonstrate our commitment to the sustainable development of the world we all live in."

Yasmeen Khan,
Manager, Corporate Environmental Health & Safety, FUJIFILM Canada Inc.

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The Program

Fujifilm Canada Inc is proud to be a part of an inkjet cartridge recycling program in conjunction with Epson Canada. As an environmentally responsible distributor we believe that it is important to preserve and promote our environmental sustainability.

Epson has developed a recycling program which allows customers to send their products to us for recycling, free of charge. Please be aware that this is for Epson branded cartridges only, and is a Epson/Fujifilm green initiative to ensure environmentally sound disposal.

To participate, send an email to

Click here to visit the Epson webpage for ink cartridge recycling.

The Process

Epson will recycle used Epson products through a licensed recycling facility which will evaluate the components and then shred the products. After the shredding process, the materials are separated into ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic components and then sent to other mills for further processing.