Quicksnap Recycling Program

Since 2004, FUJIFILM Canada Inc. has recovered over 8 million One-Time-Use Cameras that have been reclaimed through Fujifilm's Quicksnap Recycling Program, preventing thousands of tons of waste from entering landfills.

[Photo] Quicksnap Recycling

Fujifilm's OTUC 100% Recovery Program

FUJIFILM Canada Inc.'s comprehensive system of recovery allows for the reuse and recycling of nearly 100% of all single-use camera components collected by our customers.

Returned single-use cameras are sorted by type, disassembled and reusable parts such as bodies and flash units are inspected under strict quality control guidelines. Other plastic parts are ground into pellet stock and used in the manufacturing process to make new single-use cameras.

How customers can help in recycling single-use cameras:

  1. 1. Do not remove the exposed film from the single-use camera. Take the film and camera in for processing.
  2. 2. Return the single-use camera to a photofinishing outlet that supports our recycling program.
  3. 3. Contact Fujifilm to obtain more information on our single-use camera recycling program.
  4. 4. Collect and return the empty single-use cameras to Fujifilm.

For more information regarding single-use camera recycling through FUJIFILM Canada Inc., please call 1-800-263-5018.