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A 3D image analysis system aiding early detection by making it faster, more accurate, and wider ranging

Fujifilm’s proprietary image processing technology Image Intelligence has been advanced further. With this image recognition technology, high-precision 3D image analysis is enabled in the departments of radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology and respiratory diseases.

Image Intelligence

This is the overall name for Fujifilm’s silver halide photography system image analysis and evaluation technology as well as the digital image processing technology that we have accumulated through digital imaging technology R&D in the medical, printing, and photography fields.



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A system enabling creative color management of all the processes of digital motion picture production

Applying the color reproduction and color management technology that Fujifilm has developed in the motion picture film, photography, and printing fields, this system performs fine color adjustments for on-set shooting and provides consistent color management up through the final mastering. Information can also be shared among multiple cameras and monitors.

Intuitive operation with a touch panel

Using an iPad* as controller, real-time adjustment of color balance, saturation, brightness, and temperature is possible using intuitive touch panel operations. *iPad is the trademark of Apple Inc.



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