X Series

Fujifilm X-Pro1

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Price $ 899.99

Feature 6Color and Creativity

Explore your creative side with the X-Pro1's Multiplex Exposure, Film Simulation and bracketing modes.

Color Expression with Film Simulation - Just Like Choosing the Ideal Photo Film

“Studio Ready” Professional Color Negative Film Modes for Perfect Portraits

PRO Neg.Std : Capture photos with soft gradations and exceptional, authentic skin tone reproduction.

PRO Neg.Hi : Add a touch more tone to the texture and vibrancy to the color of your photos.

Reproduce the Look & Feel of Photo Film with Film Simulation Mode

Just like choosing the perfect film to match your creative direction, the X-Pro1 can simulate the color and tonal qualities of acclaimed film brands. Choose the true-to-scene natural look of PROVIA, the vibrant tonality and saturated colors of Velvia and the silky soft look and beautiful skin tones of ASTIA. Film Simulation mode makes it simple to capture the expressive color quality created through the rich legacy of Fujifilm photo film technology.




Enhance Monochrome Expression with Color Filters

Replicating the effects of monochrome film photography, the Fujifilm X-Pro1 lets you use color filters to expand your photographic expression. Heighten contrast with the Ye filter and R filter. Brighten greens and deepen reds with the G filter. Just as pro film photographers once selected a filter and printing paper to complement their creative vision, you can easily tune your image quality with filters. You can also transform your subject with the warm nostalgic tones of Sepia mode.

No Filter

Ye Filter

R Filter

G Filter

Add a New Dimension to Photographic Expression with Multiplex Exposure

In film cameras, multiplex exposure is the unique photographic technique of superimposing one image on another by double exposing a single frame of film. Through advanced digital processing, X-Pro1 can simulate this technique, expanding your creative expression. Just select Multiplex Exposure mode and take your first shot using either OVF or EVF. While viewing it on the LCD screen, you can frame and shoot the second exposure. This ability to precisely position and focus the second shot lets you not only “see” how the finished Multiplex Exposure image will look, but also explore other creative photographic possibilities.

  • 1st exposure
  • View when shooting the 2nd exposure.
  • Finished Multiplex Exposure image

Powerful Auto Bracketing Functions

Experience a variety of photographic expressions with a choice of 4 different auto bracketing functions (AE, ISO Sensitivity, Dynamic Range and Film Simulation).

AE Bracketing

One press of the shutter captures 3 shots of the same scene at different exposures. AE bracketing can be set in 1/3, 2/3 and 1 EV steps.




ISO Sensitivity Bracketing

Based on a single exposure, this bracketing function automatically reproduces the scene as 3 images, each with a different ISO sensitivity and without changing the shutter speed and aperture, letting you capture the moment with varying degrees of brightness. Setting is possible in 1/3, 2/3 and 1 EV steps.




Dynamic Range Bracketing

Press the shutter once and high-speed continuous shooting captures 3 exposures of the same scene, each at a different dynamic range setting (100%, 200% & 400%).




Film Simulation Bracketing

Just release the shutter once and produce 3 images of the scene based on a single exposure, each image with a different Film Simulation effect that you have freely selected and pre-set.


Monochrome (no filter)



  • * Sample photos are simulated images.