X Series

Fujifilm X-Pro1

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Price $ 899.99

Feature 8Custom Features and Controls

The Fujifilm X-Pro1 gives you all the premium features you need to take control of your photo composition including focus, settings and shooting modes, -- even Full HD movie quality.


Selectable AF with a 49-point Metering Matrix

Within the screen, the auto focus area is divided into a 49-point matrix (25 points in the case of OVF). AF accurately and swiftly recognizes the primary subject and brings it into crystal clear focus, and also lets you freely select the position of the AF frame. When using the EVF and LCD, you can also change the AF frame size and pinpoint the focusing.

0.05-sec Shutter Time Lag Even Shooting with the EVF

Even in Live View, shutter time lag is only 0.05 sec so you can capture that exact instant without missing an important shot.

High-speed Auto Focus Achieved by Lens-Sensor Synergy

XF lens focusing is driven by a fast “DC coreless motor”. Accelerated by the combination of the high-speed signal readout of the X-Trans CMOS sensor and the newly developed EXR Processor, the improved contrast detection AF in X-Pro1 makes a huge leap in speed and precision, bringing your subject in to sharp focus in as little as 0.1 sec*.

  • * Fujifilm research.

2 Manual Focusing Methods

In the viewfinder, the distance index bar is displayed together with the depth of field scale and aperture value, providing helpful guides for focusing. You can also adjust focus by rotating the focus ring while checking the image in Live View and using the one-touch Focus Point Zoom to confirm a sharp focus.

AF Assist Lamp for Low-Light Scenes

In low-light settings where even the subject is hard to see through the viewfinder, the AF Assist Lamp illuminates the subject and assists Auto Focus.

White Balance Setting

Colour Temperature (Kelvin Value) Setting

Compensate for the colour of different light sources with a choice of 9 white balance presets in addition to Auto White Balance. You can also make custom white balance settings using a gray card or other surface, or select the optimum colour temperature (Kelvin value).

Precise White Balance Setting

Fine tune white balance by adjusting R (red) ⇔ Cy (cyan) and B (blue) ⇔ Ye (yellow) in ±9 steps while viewing the through-the-lens image. You can make adjustments and confirm their effect on the actual image while shooting. It is ideal for precise correction of white balance or exploration of the creative effects that can be achieved with filters.

ISO100-25600 Sensitivity Setting Range

Expand the normal sensitivity range of ISO200-6400 to ISO100-12800 or even ISO25600. By assigning this setting to the Fn button, extended sensitivity is available at the touch of a button.

ISO Auto Setting

For dynamic lighting conditions, you can set a sensitivity ceiling within the range of ISO400-3200 and shoot with ISO Auto.

Image Quality Control

Colour, Tone & Sharpness Adjustment

Fine-tune image quality with “Colour” for colour saturation adjustment, “Highlight Tone” and “Shadow Tone” for tweaking contrast in highlights and shadows, and “Sharpness” to stress or soften image outlines. With this built-in detailed image quality control, you can produce an image that precisely matches your creative objective.

2 Colour Space Types

Select either sRGB for a standard range of colour reproduction on general displays or Adobe RGB® for its broader colour rendition depending on how you intend to output and use the image.

Noise Reduction Control

Choose from 5 different levels of noise reduction depending on whether your priority is the crispness of resolution or keeping noise reduction to a minimum, and explore the capability to tune sensitivity-related textural quality when shooting high-sensitivity scenes.

6fps High Speed Continuous Shooting

Shoot up to 6 frames per second with high-speed continuous shooting. Capture a series of exposures of moving subjects and other challenging photographic scenes and later select the best shot.

Motion Panorama

Capture Panorama Shots and Show Them in Stunning Large-size Prints

Just sweep the camera across the scene, and X-Pro1 captures multiple images and seamlessly stitches them together into a single panorama photo. Even when enlarged to an A3-size print, there is virtually no loss of resolution. Holding the camera horizontally or vertically or horizontally, Motion Panorama lets you shoot the scene with an “S” or “L” angle of view.

  • * Images are for illustrative purposes only.

HD Movie

Premium Quality Movies

Capture the action in Full HD movies (1920 x 1080, 24fps, max. clip length : 29 minutes). In addition to full AUTO exposure, you can also shoot with aperture priority AE. Taking full advantage of the bright XF lenses, you can capture movies with a beautiful defocused “bokeh” background. Later with plug-and-play ease, you can connect X-Pro1 directly to your TV with a commercially available HDMI cable and share your movies complete with stereo audio on the big screen.

Power Control System

Power Save Mode for Up to 1,000 Shots on a Full Charge

Turn this mode on when using the optical viewfinder, and the power saving system is activated, tripling the maximum number of images per full charge from approx. 300 images in normal operation to about 1,000 images. It is ideal for stretching your battery capacity and getting a few more valuable shots out of your charge.

  • * When Quick Start Mode is OFF.
  • * Maximum shots in the case of a fully charged NP-W126 lithium battery pack based on FUJIFILM research.

Quick Start Mode

After turning OFF the power, the X-Pro1 enters a “sleep” status for a maximum of 24 minutes. If the power is turned ON during this time, the X-Pro1 “wakes” in approximately 0.5 - 1.0 sec. and is ready for you to frame and capture the moment.

Customization Functions

Assign Frequently Used Functions to the Fn Button

Assign any one of the following frequently used functions to the Fn (Function) button and enjoy smooth one-touch controls during shooting.
Multiplex Exposure / ISO sensitivity (default setting) / Depth of field confirmation / Image size / Image quality mode / Dynamic range / Film simulation / AF mode selection (area selection/auto area) / Movie shooting / Custom setting / Self timer / RAW (one shot override) / White balance etc.

Save Custom Settings

Create, save and instantly recall up to 7 sets of user-defined settings covering all parameters from ISO sensitivity to white balance. No fumbling through menus and missing the shot. You are ready with your favourite pre-defined settings to smoothly capture the scene.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.