Acuity Select 20

The new Acuity Select 20 series builds on all the advantages of the highly successful and popular Acuity platform, with the same ultra-high print quality, but adds a number of new features that improve production effiencies and extend the versatility of this platform, allowing it to be used for a much wider range of applications.

At a Glance

The Acuity Select 20 series features up to eight color channels, including options to run white, varnish and now light inks making it an affordable solution for a number of creative print applications. The versatility of printing high quality, 1200 dpi or greater graphics on rigid, flexible and even roll media gives printers new, additional opportunities to expand their print capabilities…and ultimately their business. In addition to the standard CMYK ink set, the Acuity Select offers unprecedented color control with these expansion options:

  • White + Varnish – Adding these two ink channels allows for printing on a range on non-white substrates and adds a spot or flood coat varnish effect in a single pass.
  • White + White – Adding two white ink channels improve the density of white in a single pass, which is ideal for backlit applications.
  • Additional Cyan + Magenta – Adding these two ink channels boosts the overall print speed of the press making it the most productive configuration.
  • Light Cyan + Light Magenta – Adding these two ink channels enhances the print quality for fine art quality printing.

As with other Acuity models, the Select 20 series has a roll media option for printing onto any number of flexible roll materials. This option is incredibly versatile, allowing an operator to prepare rigid material on the flat bed while the roll media option is printing.

Finally, the Acuity Select 20 series features common media size vacuum zones, further reducing manual masking.

The Acuity Select 20 series print performance is optimized by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. These incorporate the company’s proprietary ‘Micro-V’ dispersion technology that consistently delivers wide adhesion, superb color vibrancy and excellent durability in every print.


  • Zoned Vacuum Flatbed – Six dedicated vacuum zones tailored to common media sizes reduces the need for bed masking. Adjustable vacuum strength optimum handling for different materials.
  • NEW Pneumatic Pin Registration System – Five pins, which can be controlled both automatically and manually offer quick precise media set-up.
  • Up to 8 Color Channels – Your choice of 4-channel, 6-channel and 8-channel configurations with new added ability to run light inks. Modular upgrade paths are available.
  • Compact Footprint – Built to fit in the tightest production spaces – the most versatile printer you’ll have on your floor.
  • Roll Media Option – A compact roll-to-roll unit extends the versatility of Acuity Select 20 series printers. High quality images can be printed on roll media, which look great even at close viewing distances.
  • NEW Automatic Maintenance System (AMS) Option – Automates primary print head maintenance to take as little as 25 seconds. This reduces the need to use the manual vacuum device to carry out daily maintenance.
Print Technology
Piezoelectric UV inkjet head using variable dot grayscale imaging technology
Rigid Media
Maximum media size: 49.2" x 98.4" x 2" (125cm x 250cm x 50.8mm)
Maximum print area: 49.6" x 98.8"(126cm x 251cm)
Roll Media
Roll width: 35.4" - 86.6" (90-220cm)
Maximum print width: 86.2" (219cm)
Maximum roll weight: 110 lbs (50kg)
Ink type
Fujifilm Uvijet KN, KO, or KV UV curable inks
C M Y K lc lm packaged in 2 liter pouches, W and Cl in 1 liter pouches
Number of nozzles
636 nozzles/color - single color per head
RIP options
ColorGATE Production Server or Caldera GrandRIP or Onyx Production House
Dimensions (W) x (D)
Printer only: 183.5" x 78.7" (4.66m x 2.0m)
Printer and Roll media option: 183.5" x 90.6" (4.66m x 2.3m)
Printer only: 1,730 lbs.(758kg)
Printer and Roll media option: 2,116 lbs. (960kg)