Acuity Ultra

Acuity Ultra achieves new levels of quality and speed in superwide roll-to-roll printing. Featuring impressive cost-in-use and print speeds up to 2,540 square feet per hour (236 square meters per hour), Acuity Ultra gives you the power to profit from interior and exterior applications – where high-impact, near-photographic quality is required.

With Acuity Ultra, you get the excellent high quality, productivity and reliability Fujifilm’s Acuity range is known for, on a massive industrial scale – up to 5 meters wide. Industrial printheads with a 3.5 picoliter drop size and specially developed UV inks ensure consistent high quality print.

Acuity Ultra is not only ideal for outdoor applications such as billboards and signage, it’s also perfect for high-end indoor displays where close viewing requires images to be exceptionally clear and vibrant. With impressive quality, investing in an Acuity Ultra can propel your business into the luxury brand market.


  • Available in 3.2 meter and 5 meter models
  • High quality roll printing output at speeds up to 2,540 square feet/hour (236 square meters/hour)
  • 6-color as standard (CMYKLcLm), optional white channels
  • 3.5 picoliter grayscale printheads for remarkable quality
  • Multi-roll printing capabilities enables maximized throughput
  • Chilled vacuum table for handling heat-sensitive materials
  • Very quick start up and simple operator maintenance
Printing Systems
Maximum Print Width
3.2 meter Ultra model: 126” (3.2 m)
5 meter Ultra model: 197” (5.0 m)
Media Thickness
Maximum: 0. 078” (2.0 mm)
Minimum: 0.004” (0.1 mm)
Curing System
UV curing lamps with variable power settings
Operation conditions
Temperature: 64˚F – 82˚F (18˚C – 28˚C)
Humidity: 40% – 80% RH (non-condensing)
Atmospheric dust: ≤0.15 mg/m3
Power Supply
3 phase, 400V AC, 60 Hz, 30A
Power consumption: 15 kW
Factory Air Requirement
Pressure (min.): 8 kg/cm2 (7.85 bar / 114 psi)
Flow rate (min.): 1.2 m3/min (1200 l/min / 42.26 cfm)
1000 Base-T