Inca Onset Series

Designed to deliver the high-volume production needs of graphic display print providers, the OnsetX Series of UV flatbed inkjet presses deliver unrivalled print quality at high print speeds. The combination of Inca Digital’s engineering and imaging expertise with FUJIFILM’s experience of UV ink formulation deliver world class ink and machine reliability.

A major evolution of Inca’s pioneering ‘Scalable Architecture’ concept, each OnsetX printer is based on a new common scalable architecture platform which features a larger 25-zone vacuum table and UV control system to eliminate masking, and - uniquely among high-end large-format flatbed printers - a carriage that can incorporate up to 14 ink channels. This allows print service providers to configure their OnsetX printer for the combination of productivity, color and quality that best matches their changing production requirements. The OnsetX Series includes five models – the X1-LT, X1, X2 HS, and X3 HS - and can be configured with automation for optimum throughput. OnsetX is, quite simply, the ultimate printing machine in productivity, profitability and print quality.