Fujifilm HD LH-NN2

For newspaper production, Fujifilm has also introduced the LH-NN2 plate designed for use with high throughput thermal platesetters commonly used by newspaper printers. The LH-NN2 delivers superior plate making results in a clean operating environment while also providing superior on press startup and restart performance.

LH-NN2 Dedicated high speed photopolymer plate for thermal laser platesetters

Unlike other manufacturers that simply supply commercial printing plates to newspapers, Fujifilm has designed its plates to produce the best possible performance on newspaper presses – without compromise. All plates (LH-NN2, LP-NNV, Ecomaxx-VN, and Ecomaxx-TN) are dedicated newspaper plates.


  • Negative working
  • Sensitivity designed for high throughput PPH thermal applications
  • Long, clean developer cycles
  • Durable image layer for extra run length