Fujifilm introduces a true no process thermal plate.

The SUPERIA Ecomaxx-TN Processless Thermal Plate – to complement the renowned no-bake, medium-run SUPERIA LH-PJ plate and the newly introduced no-bake, long-run SUPERIA LH-PL thermal CTP plate. As the industry’s only truly processless plate, the Ecomaxx-TN has the smallest environmental footprint. There is no effluent to dispose of and no additional consumables to contend with, which is not only good for the environment, but also an advantage for printers.

The SUPERIA Ecomaxx-TN is a true no-process plate and allows environmentally conscious printers the ability to use high quality thermal plates without processing chemicals. Sustainability is not only a key issue for printers today, but it’s also one for Fujifilm who has dedicated years of R&D efforts to removing the processing stage from the print production workflow – the result is a true no-process plate with extremely high quality print characteristics.

No processing means the elimination of processing chemicals and the associated costs, saving the customer significant time and money – all without compromise in quality. Compatible with most thermal platesetters, Fujifilm’s Superia Ecomaxx-TN is a non-ablative plate that carries a latent image with distinct contrast, allowing for simple inspection after imaging.

MultiGrain technology provides unsurpassed ink and water balance and savings on press. Supporting run lengths of up to 100,000 impressions, the SUPERIA Ecomaxx-TN will comfortably meet the demands of most commercial printers while minimizing impact on our environment.


  • True processless technology allows the plate to be imaged and mounted directly on press for immediate use
  • Higher polymer sensitivity results in faster imaging
  • MultiGrain surface structure for optimum ink/water balance
  • 1-99% at 200 lpi conventional and 300 lpi FM and hybrid screening technologies
  • No ablation debri