Fujifilm LP-NNV

This plate is developed exclusively for the Newspaper industry of tomorrow. The pre-press and printing conditions associated with Newspaper production were key to the design and development of the LP-NNV plate.

High speed photopolymer for violet LD newspaper platesetters.

Wide operating parameters Fujiflm LP-NNV has a new emulsion providing wide imaging and processing latitudes giving repeatable, dependable printed results.

From the leaders in violet technology First launched at Ipex 2002, Fujifilm’s violet photopolymer technology offers benchmark quality and cost of ownership performance, and is now being successfully used by many print companies all around the world. LP-NNV represents the very latest evolution of this technology, building on years of R&D and manufacturing expertise in violet photopolymer plate production.

Reliable print performance The new violet LP-NNV plate has been designed to stand up to the rigorous demands of tomorrows' press hall. With most CTP plates, the image will sharpen or reduce in size during the print run because of the aggressive press conditions. LP-NNV has enhanced properties to resist image sharpening enabling the printed copy to remain consistent during the print run.

Clean working system The new LP-NNV plate works with the existing family of plate developers providing a clean, low maintenance processing environment. Added to this is the low chemical replenishment requirement giving a winning combination.


  • Negative working photopolymer
  • High sensitivity supports very high PPH during peak production
  • Superior on-press performance
  • Long, clean developer cycles