Ink Mixers / Proofers

GFI accessories to get you on press fast



The easy and clean way to mix paste-type materials


Give your shop a tool that takes the art out of confiming color

With AccuMix-ML, you just weight up your formula into one of GFI's five pound EcoLine liners, drop it in the mixing pot and secure it using one simple clamp. The vortex action used by the AccuMix-ML provides a fast and thorough mix that gets you on press in no time, all unattended and all without the mess.

AccuProof-XP gives you a fast and clean way to verify that your spot colors are dead-on perfect before you go to press. Now, anyone can pull a color proof, and do it in just about 5 minutes.

AccuMix and Accuproof are products of GFI Innovations, a leader in ink formulation and dispensing technology