Dye Discharge Textile Ink PVC / Phthalate Free Water Based

Fujifilm Sericol’s direct print water-base and water-based dye discharge ink system provides extremely bright, vivid colors, exceptionally soft hand and superior wash fastness.

With recent government regulations and a continuing search for more environmentally responsible products, TexCharge provides you a PVC/Phthalate Free alternative in a water based discharge ink system.


  • Exceptionally Soft Hand
  • 10 Ready-For-Use Toners
  • Extremely Bright and Clean Colors
  • Seritone Color Matching System
  • Excellent Printability and Screen Stability
  • Low Odor
  • Superior Washfastness
  • Resistant to Dry Cleaning and Ironing

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About TexCharge Performance

Designed to produce
exceptionally vibrant colors
super soft hand
Available in
10 Colors of the Seritone Matching System*
* SMS has been developed to enable printers to quickly and economically match a wide variety of special shades. The colors have been selected for their cleanliness of tone, color strength, and suitability for intermixing.
Five Fluorescent Shades
Four-Color Process
Tinting White
High Opacity (HO) White
1, 5 and 30 gallon containers
Improved production time benefiting from
excellent wet-on-wet printability
reliable ready to use colors
ink performance that is consistent and repeatable
excellent screen stability
superior wash fastness


  • TexCharge direct print water-base and water based discharge inks, are Fujifilm Sericol's top selling product for t-shirt printers.
  • TexCharge is formulated to comply with CPSIA regulations regarding lead, heavy metals and phthalates-and it’s PVC free.
  • Primarily used as a direct print water-base and water based discharge system on suitably dyed fabrics