Digital Mammography Accessories

Digital Mammography Accessories

A Range of Supporting Digital Mammography Products

Amulet Innovality is supported by a range of accessories designed to improve patient comfort, offer diagnostic options, ensure optimal image quality, and improve throughput.

Comfort Paddle

Patented paddle is designed to improve patient comfort during mammograms

The unique Comfort Paddle allows pressure to be more evenly and gently distributed across the breast compared to conventional, flexible paddles.

  • Slotted paddle edge allows plate to flex to the contour of the breast.
  • Bends from center of breast to thinner edges.
  • Distributes pressure more evenly.
  • Tilting paddle allows for more gradual and more even compression.
  • Available in two sizes to accommodate different breast sizes: 18x24cm and 24x30cm.
  • Available standard on Amulet Innovality.

Slotted paddle edge distributes pressure more evenly

Fujifilm's Comfort Paddle distributes pressure that is normally concentrated on the thickest part of the breast, helping to compress evenly along the natural curve of the breast with appropriate but not excessive force.

Amulet Innovality's Comfort Paddle

Tilting paddle mechanism for more gradual and even compression

The Comfort Paddle allows for gradual application of pressure to the breast as compared to standard compression. The tilting of the paddle toward the nipple side allows for more even compression across the breast, helping to separate structures and maintain correct positioning.

Amulet Innovality's Comfort Paddle


Pressure distribution

Stereotactic Biopsy System

Accurate and efficient stereotactic biopsy

Available for use with Amulet Innovality, the Stereotactic Biopsy System allows radiologists to easily perform reliable, accurate procedures with all the features of digital mammography.

The optional Stereotactic Biopsy System makes use of the technology, comfort, and efficiency features of Amulet Innovality, with a tube/detector unit that can be positioned from -90° to +90°. Requires precise enlargement monitor.



  • Review previous examinations on the acquisition workstation simply by requesting images from PACS.
  • Targeting support includes a high-resolution dual-display system, selectable targeting mode (100 or 50µm), targeting guide function on stereo images and advanced image processing.
  • Target position is shown on display screen, allowing technologist to make fine adjustments of the Z coordinate.
  • Quickly and efficiently check needle depth directly from the biopsy device, providing peace of mind for the patient and protecting the exposure table from accidental damage.
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