FDR D-EVO II 24x30cm CsI (C24)

Small anatomy, small dose: no problem!

At only 1/2" thick and just 3.3 lbs, Fujifilm's 24x30cm CsI (C24) digital x-ray detector is just right for small patients and small anatomy such as extremities, shoulders, C-spines and more. The small size of this DR detector makes it a perfect fit for the NICU and neonatal isolette trays. Ultra-light weight makes it much easier for patients to safely hold for sunrise knee exams.

FDR D-EVO II offers increased image sharpness and dose efficiency with new noise reduction circuitry.


  • Perfect for orthopedic, neonatal, pediatric and small body-part exams
  • Combines dose and DQE benefits of cesium with patented ISS technology for maximum dose reduction and ultra-sharp image quality
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • IPX-6 water resistance rating, including removable battery
  • Hydro AG antibacterial coating
  • Durable magnesium alloy casing
  • Exceptional imaging with improved dose efficiency
  • Fits every neonatal isolette detector tray
  • Extended battery life – standby time of up to 48 hrs. with deep sleep mode
  • All FDR D-EVO II models utilize the same user-swappable battery type
  • Can be used corded or wireless
  • New Memory Mode allows on-demand sharing with any x-ray room or mobile