The Amazing NANO.

Simplify your everyday mobile imaging with the FDR NANO, a complete mini-digital x-ray system that combines the high sensitivity of Fujifilm's D-EVO II detectors and our refined image processing advancements to generate high resolution images with low patient dose.

Simple just got even easier, with the FDR NANO.

Combining everything you need into one compact, portable digital x-ray system.

  • Smooth maneuverability allows you to go anywhere with this ultra-compact system. At just 198 lbs., the FDR NANO is 80% lighter than traditional mobile x-ray systems.
  • Four swiveling wheel casters allow precise, easy positioning and travel in any direction, and the ability to spin the system in place in tight spaces.
  • Easy positioning changes enable sequential exposures of the chest and abdomen to be acquired quickly and easily for efficient technologist workflow.
  • The articulating control panel allows rotation, tilting and height adjustment for instant image confirmation from any angle.
  • The small lightweight design and extended reach of the tube head allows one-hand operation for easy exam positioning.
  • High-performance Li-ion battery power enables up to 12 hours of continuous use at 20 exposures/hour, 15-minute quick charge for 1 hour (20 exposures) and rapid 4-hour charging for full charge. FDR NANO can also be used while plugged into AC power.
  • The detector holder area features built-in charging and initialization, a keyed lock to safely stow your valuable detector and a tilting design for detector bagging.
  • Primary surfaces are coated with Fujifilm's exclusive Hydro AG antibacterial coating, providing an added safety measure in infection controls.
  • Virtual Grid™ (included standard) image processing simulates grid use for improved image quality for images acquired without a grid, and lower dose acquisition compared to grid exams.
  • Compatible with FDR D-EVO II CsI wireless detectors in standard 14x17,'' full field-of-view 17x17,'' and our unique 24x30cm size, all featuring Fujifilm's patented ISS technology and noise reduction circuitry for exceptional image quality and performance at lower dose.

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Driven by Fujifilm Innovation

The FDR NANO incorporates FDR D-EVO II CSI detectors which feature Fujifilm's patented Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology for higher resolution images and improved dose efficiency. ISS increases sharpness and DQE by reducing scatter and blur. Fujifilm's revolutionary innovation positions its capture electronics at the tops of the crystals where data is strongest and sharpest, yielding exceptional detail and image quality at lower doses.

Additional advanced functions include:

  • Virtual Grid (included standard): processing intelligently simulates grid use, eliminating scatter effect, to improve contrast and clarity and reduce dose by as much as 50% and reduce dose by as much as 50% for images acquired without a grid. Useful in portable exams: simplifies acquisition and positioning, and eliminates artifacts associated with physical grid misalignment and improper SID.
    • Intuitively recognizes scatter effect in the image
    • Precisely tunes contrast and noise control
    • Eliminates repeats caused from misalignment factors associated with physical grids
    • Customizable grid characteristics, grid lines, density and interspacing material
    • Can be applied to all body parts,* including chest, abdomen, head, spine, pelvis, upper and lower extremities.
  • Shortcuts for browser-based RIS and PACS from the mobile console provide valuable convenience and simplify technologist workflow.

The onboard, full-featured technologist console provides immediate image previews, dose tracking and exposure and deviation index features, in addition to a host of image manipulation and workflow tools. A double-click magnification feature gives technologists the ability to zoom full screen and toggle edge enhancement to better view PICC lines and detect patient movement. Count on fast, reliable wireless worklist updates and transmission to PACS.

*Excluding breast imaging.

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Introducing Fujifilm's FDR NANO at RSNA 2016


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