Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Velvet Paper

We understand product versatility is paramount in realizing creative vision and customer satisfaction. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Velvet Paper has been designed exclusively for digital output on large-format and Frontier laser printers. Velvet paper provides a creative and innovative way to turn your photos into fine art.


  • Pure Whiteness - Clearer, more distinct print images and sharper text quality.
  • Finger print protection - Surface has strong resistance against fingerprints before and after processing.
  • Unique deep- matte surface - Creates an unique deep-matte surface for impressive display with very little surface reflection.
  • Excellent Image Stability - Highest level of image stability.
  • Accurate Colour Reproduction - Expanded colour reproduction range ideally suited to commercial, wedding and portrait studio printing.
  • Writeable surface capabilities - unique surface feature allows for clean permanent writing on prints with limited to no smudging.
  • No Back Print - no back print allows extended applications to display both sides of print.