ASK 4000 Digital Photo Printer System

At a Glance

Fujifilm's Digital Photo Printer Systems enable a wide range of professional photographers to reap the benefits of Fujifilm's industry-leading commercial photo printing technology. With this printer, professional photographers can deliver prints that can truly be considered lab quality - anywhere, anytime.

The Fujifilm ASK-4000 8" Dye Sublimation Printer provides lab quality prints in just seconds from the convenience of your own Window's PC. Fujifilm's dye-sublimation technology combined with FujiFilm's Image Intelligence provides crystal clear prints (300 x 600 dpi) which are water resistant and last decades.

The ASK-4000 installs easily with any Window's PC and works with most photo-editing programs. With 40 second print speeds for 8"x10" prints, the ASK-4000 gives you the lab quality prints you desire without the wait.

Combining affordable reliability with ease of use and quality prints, the ASK-4000 is the perfect solution to meet all of your 8"x 10" or 8"x12" photo needs.


  • Prints in Seconds: 8"x10" prints produced in only 40 seconds
  • Compact: 15" x 14" x 16" design fits right on top of your desk or countertop
  • Lab Quality: FujiFilm's Image Intelligence Technology enhances prints to look as if they came from a lab
  • Affordable: Dye sublimation technology ensures fixed print costs no matter what your image
  • Flexible: Print either 8"x10" or 8"x12" prints with one printer

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ASK 4000 Digital Photo Printer System