Data Tape Courier Professional Case

At a Glance

The best way to transport and store your media is inside a Fujifilm certified media case.


The Data Tape Courier Professional Case is a new media container made of shock resistant rubberized resin. The case features heavy-duty lockable compression clasps and soft interior contact points, creating a tough and reliable water resistant seal. The Professional Case is used by the best off-site vaulting companies and is factory tested and certified by Fujifilm to protect tape cartridges. The Data Tape Courier Professional Case achieves the best balance between features, performance, compatibility and price.


  • Made of shock resistant rubberized resin
  • Removable tray system makes it easy to load and unload media
  • Holds up to 36 LTO cartridges (double width version)
  • Individual media slots in tray allow you to safely carry a partially filled case
  • Accepted by major Disaster Recovery and off-site vaults
  • Case and tray do not shed contaminant particles
  • Large ergonomic sides grips and oversized bumpers
  • Heavy duty locking clasps
  • Water resistant gasket
  • Cases can be stacked together
  • Pro Case Measurements
  • 14.75" x 5.9" x 11.25" (regular width)
  • 27.00" x 5.9" x 11.25" (double width version)


Data Tape Courier Pro Case with LTO tray. Safely holds 18 LTO cartridges in their plastic cases. Double width version holds 36 LTO cartridges.

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Data Tape Courier Professional Case