Refurbishment / Salvage / Disposal and Export Services

At a Glance

Fujifilm is a full service support organization. Adapting to customer needs has expanded Fujifilm's scope of services well beyond the traditional and into the extraordinary.

What can Fujifilm do for you?

  • Equipment Refurbishing Services - Fujifilm has experience and expertise in refurbishing photo processing equipment and other electro-mechanical products.
  • Equipment Warehousing/Logistics/Inventory Control - Fujifilm has staffing and warehouse space for short and long term projects with additional services, including receiving, reporting, inventory management and shipping.
  • Parts/Sub Assembly Salvage - Fujifilm Services has operations in place to salvage parts from any system, including identification, extraction, testing, cleaning, re-packaging, labeling and reporting.
  • Equipment Disposal Services (ISO certified) - Fujifilm, an ISO 14001 certified company cares about the environment and has operations in place to administrate and report the proper disposal of equipment for customers in an environmentally friendly manner. Fujifilm provides customers with Certificates of Disposal to Environmental Standards.
  • Export Business Services - Fujifilm can administer and execute system export services to other countries including preparation of systems, packing/crating systems, coordination with export forwarders/shippers, compliance with export laws and related communications with customers.

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