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How do “MyFinePix Studio” and “FinePixViewer” features differ?

How do “MyFinePix Studio” and “FinePixViewer” features differ?

The screen design has been renewed, and its browsing capabilities and operability have been enhanced. MyFinePix Studio now incorporates the following new functions.

(1) Automatic Tag folder categorization

* This software detects tags (shooting information such as scene position and names of people identified with Face Recognition) attached to images captured with FINEPIX digital cameas (the models which support “EXR AUTO” or “SR AUTO”), and automatically creates folders relevant to each tag.

* Tags can also be added easily to untagged images by dragging and dropping to folders.

(2) [My Library] Easy image categorizing function (folder sorting) by specifying tag information.

* Previously, you need to store images by creating folders on a PC with the names of “shooting date”, “subject”, “shooting location”, etc. and put images in them. Now, “My Library” simplifies categorization and browsing images based on tag information.

* In addition to images stored in a PC, this function is applied to images stored in the external devices such as a card reader, external hard disk and so on.

(3) [MySmartAlbums] This is the function to handle images based on the tag information.

* Besides folder sorting with tag information, “MySmartAlbums” searches for images based on multiple tag information such as scene position, “Night” and shot date with “Month/Day”, and extracts all the images to put them into a single folder. You can make any folder names, and folders are automatically updated when new images are added.

(4) [Auto-uploader function]

* This function enables images, which are set “mark for upload” tag in a camera (FinePix Z700 EXR/Z707EXR/Z70/Z77/XP10/XP11), upload quickly and easily to “YouTube” or “FACEBOOK” only by connecting to the camera or the media to a PC.