Support and Contact Center

Packaging/Shipping Instructions

  1. 1. Record the model and serial number of your FUJIFILM product for future reference.
  2. 2. Complete the Service Request Form in full and attach it to your camera. Include a describe the problem you are having. You must provide your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and return address. Also, keep a copy of the Service Request Form, record the serial number of the camera and proof of delivery tracking number for your records. Please have this information when contacting Fujifilm Customer Care.
  3. 3. Please remove all accessories not directly associated to the malfunction prior to shipping any equipment for service unless requested. FUJIFILM Canada Inc. assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged film, storage media, or other accessories. Please include your camera battery.
  4. 4. If you are requesting the repair to be covered under warranty, enclose 1.) a photocopy of the dated proof of purchase and 2.) the original warranty card. If clear photocopies of proof of purchase is not supplied, repair charges will be your responsibility.
  5. 5. To prevent damage during transit, pack your unit securely in an appropriate, sturdy shipping container. Place the camera in a plastic bag and surround in bubble wrap if possible. All shipments to FUJIFILM Canada, Inc. must be sent prepaid. Any shipments sent collect (COD) to FUJIFILM will be returned to you unopened.
  6. 6. When using any carrier, keep a record of the tracking number in the event you must trace the package. FUJIFILM assumes no responsibility for loss and/or damage during transit.