Digital Camera Repair Information


How much will my X Series (X100, X100S, X-Pro 1, X-E1, X-E2 and X-T1) Professional digital camera repair cost, and how long will it take?


Cost of Repair

If your camera is received with:

1. The required Proof of Purchase
2. Is still within the warranty period and
3. Qualifies for repair under the terms of warranty it will be repaired and returned to you at no charge.

If the required Proof of Purchase is NOT supplied or if the camera is beyond the warranty period or has been damaged by user, an estimate for this repair will be issued. If an email address has been supplied, this estimate will be sent to the supplied email address. If a valid email address is not supplied, the estimate will be faxed if you have supplied a fax number. Finally, if neither email address or fax number is supplied, a printed estimate will be mailed.

If an estimate is refused, a $45.00 Diagnostic Fee to partially cover our costs of inspection, handling and shipping will be charged if you require the camera to be returned. If the camera is left for our Environmentally Responsible Recycling Program, this $45.00 Diagnostic Fee will be waived. FUJIFILM Canada reserves the right to exchange a camera for the same or better similar grade camera rather than repair unless otherwise requested when the camera is received. The exchanged camera will be of equal or better cosmetic condition as the original. This process serves to reduce the time required to return the camera to you since repair times may be longer than acceptable at some times of year.

Approximate repair charges vary widely depending on the parts and labour required.

Length of Repair

Expedited Repair time is 2 business days. If additional unreported damage is determined upon proceeding with a repair, a re-estimate will be issued which would increase the total time for repair. Loaner units will be made available if repair time is deemed longer than 2 business days. Please do not send any accessories or batteries with your camera unless the problem involves that accessory or battery charging issues.


Payment can be made by Certified Cheque, Money Order, VISA or Mastercard or in person by Debit Card. If paying by credit card, simply call our toll free Customer Service telephone number at 1-800-461-0416 and select the Camera Repair option.